Away From It All

By John McKinstry from

By John McKinstry from

The first blissful night in Cliff Cottage .  A prescribed change of scene and an abundance of familiar helping hands; it was to soften first-time parent neuroticism.

Faces glowed with the spread of steaming bowls and dancing candlelight; ears tuned to the comforting swish of waves breaking in the darkness below that calmed the fire popping mischievously in the grate.  The baby slept soundly upstairs.

Satisfied sighs and the chink of silver spoons halted unexpectedly.   As if eyes could listen, all rose towards the ceiling and followed determined footsteps padding across boards towards the infant’s room.

Nothing.  Spoons chinked again.

©Anna Ghislena 2013

This is the first time I have participated in the 100WCGU (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups) engineered by blogger Julia Skinner.  This entry was inspired by the prompt: “…but where did the noise come from…?”

To find out more or to take part go here:

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