Thank You

The year is drawing to an end and I hope it’s been a good one for everyone.  THANK YOU so much to all my followers/subscribers who have taken the time to check out my words (yes, I can ramble on a bit!), your support means so much.  We often feel like such little fishes in the the vast sea of the blogging community.  Who will hear us?  Who will take an interest in what the small man has to say?  I particularly find, that my style of writing and the music I love earns me a niche audience and I expect this is similar with many bloggers, but then, we are all individual.

So, speaking of rambling on and of words and music, I found this link the other day to a recording that used to make me laugh out loud as a kid – it was by far the naughtiest thing I had ever heard!  So, I will thank you and leave you to enjoy the comical wordsmithery of Kenneth Williams, the tormented comedian and actor who was always so well loved by the British public.

Originally uploaded to YouTube by VinylFun.

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