The Ring


Round One is lost

There were no winners that time,

All that pre match fizz

But it fell flat out.

Complicated perhaps,

Left me unprepared,

I thought I could handle it

I thought I would dare

Buffed and polished

Adrenalin rushed

So pleased to know

It was you all along

Dancing the same dance,

Tuning into my song.

Yeah, its been quite a time

Since that first encounter

Since the first crime

And it was good

Until I didn’t know what I’d done,

My heart ripped open and fried in the sun

Inside and out

Scalded in shame

Blistered by pride

Bravely greased

secretly dressed

taken down by my Jekyll and Hyde.

But now Round Two looks good to go

You got back up

You said it was so

And its not like I’ve been waiting

No, I’ve been trying to forget

But the sting is still sweet upon my mouth

dangerous and pitiful

swollen, on fire,

another hook and the scar

will open itself.

© Anna Ghislena 2015

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