“Like” is like “nice”,

A word that’s like, not a word,

Like it’s unimpressive.

It’s like saying, “That Ming vase is nice”

When it’s like, “delicate” or “exquisite” .

Yes, it’s nice, but, it’s not like the constructive connective

traditionally practised.

It’s like there’s this void,

the little bit that,

like needs,



Like is like, nice

but like, how many likes do you need?

Like quite a few I suppose.

What are we without a like?

Like unpopular?  Like ugly?

Undeserving?  Unaccounted and like, unheard?

And well, there’s like, insecurity to think about

without at least like, one like or two.

Like, if you like my page, that’s nice,

Like my photo, like my comment; like I’m cool..

I like it!

Like it’s impressive

Like it’s filling my needs,

Without it, it’s like you don’t like me.

Like my face, like my selfie, like my pout tho’,

Like my breakfast, lunch or dinner

Like my music, like my song,

Like my opinion

Like my life

There might be something in it for you.

Like, aren’t I interesting too?

Maybe l’ll live with less

Less, is like, supposed to be more,

I won’t let like’s presence feature

I’ll just sit on the fence like

and watch likes spill through your door;

My likes are for similes not for smileys,



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