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Do you still love the book you wrote?


Would you publish a book and then unpublish it?

Would you write, publish and then re-write the same title to satisfy your own personal demon?

Would you publish your project as a work in progress?

Can you ever love what you wrote?

I wrote my first novel three years ago, self published it and never did anything with it, I barely promoted it or even had it reviewed.

I worked on this book for three years.  Three years? you cry!

Three years sounds long, but it took a while to get into my stride, I painstakingly drafted every chapter and let each character grow and surprised myself along the way when the chapters took unexpected twists and turns, almost, by themselves.  I also had the upheaval of moving house (unhappily) twice within eighteen months during that time, so, the book took a backseat for a while when all that happened.

However, in March 2013, the book was finished and I self-published it and ever since then, it has sat quietly in the clouds, bobbing about, subject to the odd (free) download and thankfully the odd amount of praise.  I did a little interview with an arts zine; I gave the book away to a famous rock band for a little tour bus amusement, and, oh yes, *gulp*, my mum read it.

I have, since then, dipped in and out of the book myself several times, each time smiling and saying to myself:  I love my book!  

BUT!  I don’t feel the same now.  What has happened?  I have subsequently removed the book’s availability whilst I tackle the urge to take the sharpest of editing razors to the manuscript and remove large chunks of word count.

I would really like to know if anyone has experienced the same feeling?  If so, what did you do about it?

This may be considered as a massive author faux pas, but my plan is to create a revised version of the book.  Would it interest anyone if I considered posting revised chapters onto this blog for your amusement?

What would you do?

If you fancy sharing similar experiences, please do comment, I would love to hear from you.

Anna x


Gentleman’s Pistols

This band from Leeds, UK, inspire my writing.  Awesome recorded and live, they are a tantalising cocktail of riffs, hair and vests (yes, I did email them once to find out where to buy undergarments just like theirs.)  Love them.

In keeping with the topical current Winter Games, the first vid was shot as an entertaining teaser by KillDestroy films for the 2008 dalikfodda tour.  The second is the band playing one of my favourite songs live – “Comfortably Crazy” filmed by Desertscene UK .

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast – Airbourne

The night I saw this band play The Borderline in London a few years ago, I knew I would be hooked on them forever.  I think it was because of their energy and charm (and straightforward Aussie sex appeal?) that I wrote my book.  I sincerely hope they stay on the road until the end of time.

Thank you guys for all the inspiration. x

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC

Hey its the dreaded Valentine’s Day!

AC/DC were among the bands whose music inspired me to write a story.  This song in particular helped me to create one of the characters.

This time the song is performed live at River Plate (2009).  Check out Rosie riding that train!  Happy day lovers!


Caught By The Fuzz

So, lets start at the very beginning.

This song by Supergrass rang through my head when I wrote the Prologue for my first novel, “Rock Harder”.

I love the adolescent panic that runs through the lyrics and the music.  We’ve all done something we shouldn’t in our time!  Enjoy!