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Highway Star – Buckcherry

Buckcherry covered Deep Purple’s classic song “Highway Star” and placed it on their 2008/9 Black Butterfly album.

It oozes Buckcherry’s sleazy American rock style from the start, and, dare I say it, I prefer it to the original.  It’s an adrenalin rush of a song which is why it stuck in my head when my book’s main character had a craving for speed.

It’s no wonder that NASCAR chose it to theme one of their promo music videos.  Enjoy.

Facing Fears

pointe shoes

Last week I took part in my first open mic evening of spoken word.  This is something I have avoided until now through my own fear of public speaking.

To an audience of twenty or so people I read some of my poems, a couple of which can be found on this blog: The Launch and Pavement Cafe.

Sitting behind a neatly placed plant at the back of the room, I compared myself to the other participants, who all read their material so cleanly and so calmly.  When my  turn came, my shaking hands and dry throat must have given away my wretched nerves.   I begged my vocal chords to hold out until the very end.  They did and even secured the correct expression required to deliver the feelings I wanted to convey; hell, I even got a few laughs in the right places!  But, did I enjoy this excruciating act of exhibitionism?

Well, yes!  I did it.  I delivered.  It was recieved.  I achieved.

Would I do it again?

Yes.  I faced a fear; over-rode it and would put myself in that position again, even if I had to be scrapped of the floor like an up-turned jelly afterwards.

But, that’s me and has been for a few years now.  Facing a fear has been a ritual; a masochistic form of entertainment as well as a confirmed sense of achievement for me.

Would I recommend it?  Well, I have come to rule out embarrassment and believe in the phrase “nothing left to loose”.  I make myself do these things.  They are only little things but are “big” for me.

It started with job interviews.  I allowed myself to enjoy them.  In the end I applied for jobs, just so that I could get to the interview process and find out if I was a good candidate with a chance of securing the position.  Weird?  Maybe.

Since then I have abseiled down one of the tallest buildings in the City of London (I now, subsequently, cannot tolerate heights easily and hold my breath at the top of every escalator on the Underground);  three years ago I danced en pointe with my ballet school infront of an audience of over 800 people (I probably won’t do that again, although I still dance en pointe and at least a childhood dream was fulfilled); I interview bands and artists when given the opportunity (but my hand still shakes when holding the voice recorder) and, I published a saucy story (which my mum has just discovered, read (to my horror) and reviewed (but that’s another post which I may divulge at a later date)!

So, to sum up, I enjoy facing fears; the taste of adrenalin, the achievement of over-coming blind panic.  Nothing left to loose.  You don’t know until you try, etc, etc.

The next fear to face?  Well, I’m going on a seven hour flight to New York next week…..and I absolutely hate flying.  I’ll send a postcard if I get there.

Friday Night

Despite all the ups and downs The Darkness have encountered in their mission to conquer the universe, they still rock out and have monumentally startling stage presence.


Well they provided me with enough tongue in cheek to add a little comedy to my book.  This song catapulted the moment when two of my characters got together after years apart.  Have a great Friday Night everyone!

A Metal Book Worth Reading

I came across this blogpost on 80smetalman (Michael D. Lefevre) and decided that this book is definitely one I shall be adding to my “to read” pile. Thought you might like it too.

I will also be adding Michael’s own book to my list of “must reads” – “Rock and Roll Children” – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rock-Roll-Children-Account-Heavy/dp/1609763556

80smetalman's Blog

While I was going through my daily dose of heavy metal google alerts this morning, I can upon a book that sounds fascinating to me. The book is called “What Are You Doing Here?” by Laina Dawes. It tells about the struggle on an African American woman in the world of heavy metal.

When Laina Dawes was eight years-old, she sat in front of her television watching the made-for-television movie “Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park.”  Soon after, her parents gave her Kiss’ Double Platinum record, and later followed an obsession with bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.  Laina Dawes is a bona fide metal head. But her fandom is complicated, though it probably shouldn’t be, by the fact that Laina is a black woman.

During her time in the heavy metal scene, she has experienced a lot of racism and sexism, as well as judgment and hostility…

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