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Minced Lies

Original image from AgeUK

Original image from AgeUK

I’m sure there’s a dusting of icing

in the saliva resting on my chin

You’re looking at it, aren’t you?

It’s ok, nurse can brush it away

if you don’t’ want to touch my skin

You look a little warm,

your face all rosy and good to see

with a smile

unaccustomed to lethargy

manifesting under blanketed knees

No, it’s a smile too wide

it has all to hide

so wide it might tear your face in two

“Two weeks ago”, you sigh

“it’s just flying by;

long office hours and the builders are in..”

But you see

time hasn’t clipped it’s wings for me

and I’m sure it wasn’t two weeks ago

but four, maybe three

You said you’d come and here you are

“Just a short stop because

Christmas shopping is never done

the dog’s home alone with the cat…”

you pause

“…it’s a shame we don’t have long to chat.”

Giving the gift of minced lies

crafted for the good and hopeful child

who thinks a Bogeyman waits around a corner

that Santa’s footprints left some grime

that Tooth Fairy swapped the dirty molar

and we go to Heaven when it is our time

© Anna Ghislena 2014