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Heavens Basement, Electric Ballroom

aaron upside down

Photo by Anna Ghislena

Too Late

Just get me to the gig on time


Get to the gig, get to the gig,

just like your life depends upon it.

The train runs slow, then quick, then slow,

“For fuck’s sake driver!” you’ll hear me crow,

“The band won’t wait,

they’ll be on at eight!”


Biting my nails, biting my nails,

it’s the wrong type of leaves again on the rails.

We’ve been stuck here so long

that I’ve written this song;

I’ve held in my pee and gazed upon

tempting residential Croydon.


Open a can, open a can,

the one I was saving to kick start my plan

to fuel my courage for greeting my heroes,

to make my day and massage their egos.

But here comes the guard, he looks quite hard,

“Don’t take the can” I scream inside.

“You’re too young son…” and he steals my pride.


Get to the gig, get to the gig,

I am sure that my life will be shit without it,

I cannot wait another year and a day,

and the ticket has eaten all my Saturday pay.

Ok, so the encore, might have to suffice,

and to be honest, I’ve seen them before, just twice.


Slow with a hiss, slow with a hiss,

we finally stop; give the buffers a kiss.

On the platform, my eyes follow

the tour poster with sorrow;

my gig is not on til’ the day after tomorrow.



© Anna Ghislena 2014