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SixtyTwoIntro – Featuring: Various Production

Ok, before we get started on this one, you may be thinking – “What the hell?”   However, I have mighty respect for most music genres, despite veering towards the heavier sort.  Now and again however, I’ll take stock and experiment, it’s good for the ear and, in my case, the pen in hand.

So, in just 62 words, here is my latest SixtyTwoIntro:


From the anonymity of white label vinyl to stylish artwork on 12” sleeves, elusive electronic/dub-step duo, Various, are intriguing.  Under a cool persona, they unintentionally shield themselves from the well-deserved spotlight and appear with new material every now and again, to receive critical acclaim.  Think chilled beats that float with soulful, almost subliminal, guest vocals.  Tracks are haunting, cryptic and completely hypnotic.