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Poetry for Mother’s Day and Others

What do you get mum on Mothering Sunday?  To be honest mums rock and deserve treats all year round, but for the sake of tradition and all the high street gaudy, garish pink satin bows and disposable greetings cards with “mum you’re one in a million” (which should more truthfully read “…one in millions”) that you are bound to be buying in some form or other, we have to do the whole singing and dancing shebang on just one day a year.  Sorry mum.

A few years ago I became acquainted with the passionate independent publisher Candlestick Press, based in Nottingham who produce the most beautiful poetry pamphlets that are keepsakes to be read time and time again.  They are far from disposable and mean a great deal to the reader.  Like greeting cards, they come with their own envelope and a bookmark on which the sender can write their message and can be kept on the bookshelf forever.


There are countless themes on offer, from pamphlets containing poems about chickens, poems about ghosts and poems about gardens to poems about revenge, poems about bedtime and of course, poems about mothers, entitled Ten Poems about Mothers.  The range is huge.  I can highly recommend these as perfect, meaningful and affordable gifts that say a great deal more than chocs and cut flowers any day.

poems about mothers pic

Happy Mother’s Day mamas.

Anna x




Rocking gifts for Rock n Roll lovers

Calling rock and roll mamas and dadas!

Ok, so love it or hate it, Valentines Day is nearly upon us.  Has anyone already bought pressies for their favorite person?

I’ve probably left it a little late to share this recommendation with you all in time for Valentines Day, but you know what?  better late than never, as they say.  If you want to tell someone you love them and want to treat them to a little something unexpected, don’t wait for Valentines Day.  Any other day is good too.  Yes, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and thank yous are all good, but seriously, any other day is good too – just to show you care and you are thinking of them.

I’ve surprised friends and family with these cool rock and roll gifts from Megachef.co.uk (and snuck a cheeky item in the basket for yours truly too).

My friend, who is a big fan of MUSE got this apron for her birthday last year:


I bought my Metallica fan brother this Enter Sandwich Man apron:


Two of my gig/festival buddies received these Rockin Veggie Peelers:

rockin peeler

And last but not least I bought myself the fabulous recipe book, Mosh Potatoes by Steve Seabury:


There are loads of quirky and quality items on the site from guitar chopping boards to tea towels, a huge selection of aprons sporting the pun on rock band titles and their logos, and accessories such as fridge magnets, guitar shaped spatulas, mugs and coasters.

Perhaps your teenager has just gone off to college or Uni or perhaps they are hoping to go next September?  They’d probably love something from here to impress their new flatmates.  Perhaps your man/lady is a kitchen god/goddess and would hit the radio up to a joyful 11 getting something like this?  Perhaps your mum/dad just needs a little pick me up, a smile, a hug and an apron that says Never Mind The Scallops?

I wish I had told you all about this sooner, but perhaps you could just let your Valentine know that the pressie is in the post, better late than never….and see what they say.

Keep spreading the rock and roll love!

Long Live The Fans!!

Anna xx