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I saw members of the Eagles of Death Metal perform in London the night before last, Thursday 12th November.

It was a special event.  They happily entertained in their tongue in cheek way and delivered their famous own brand of heavy rock, leaving everyone wanting more.

Today, I am finding it hard, along with the rest of Europe, to come to terms with the image in my mind of a darkened, crammed concert hall, rocking with devoted fans, fuelled on music, vibe, love, camaraderie and then, the ensuing terror they experienced, caused by mindless acts of violence.

My heart is in my boots today, my thoughts and prayers with the people of Paris and of those who have lost their lives.  My thoughts, are also with the Eagles of Death Metal, their crew and the fans who attended the gig at Le Bataclan yesterday evening.

The memory that this unfathomable atrocity occurred at one of their gigs, will be with them for the rest of their lives and every time they perform in the future, they will remember this terrible night.

I look forward to seeing the band play again soon.  I look forward to this, knowing that music always brings people together and helps to heal pain in people’s lives.  It provides opportunity for union, understanding and always, solidarity.

Long Live Rock n’ Roll   \m/

Anna xxx