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Something new

me at lp cafe

Despite being a little under the weather, I dosed myself up with a fine mix of Benylin and various cold defying products and pushed myself out for a great evening this week sharing some of my words with Watford’s finest wordsmiths at The LP Cafe, the little home of vinyl, coffee and splendid homemade custard tarts set on the edges of the ring road.

Organised by the Caffeine Dreams collective who literally juggle clever words and balls, it was an evening of reflection and humour, mulling over rights and wrongs, the recent election, global issues and scenarios that are pretty unbelievable (I shall mention that one in a moment).  Then I came on and mucked up the cause for discussion and opinion.  Well, it was the LP Cafe afterall, with everything from Iron Maiden to Churches hanging from the walls.  So, I went straight in with a couple of poems from my new pamphlet and read it’s self titled “The Will To Gig” and “Eggs Fudge and Arctic Roll”, a poem about an intern dealing with the backstage needs of rock and roll bands. I did decide, however, to share “Like”, found here on this blog in the hope that it may have provided some food for thought on my part.

What makes it so special about events like these, when writers all come together with a few listeners thrown in for good measure, is that any topic whatsoever is entertaining and enlightening in itself, and this evening brought everything to the floor – from demonic, psychedelic sexed crazed adventure stories (I don’t know what that guy was on, but he can share Benylin with me any time) to mental health issues, politics and how the Bible came into existence (loved that one!)

Checkout the Caffeine Dreams Facebook page and also The LP Cafe which hosts a lot of different events for the local community.  Watford gets to be a better place with guys like these.

me at lp cafe 2