The Launch

The Old Ship Tattoo by contemporary photo artist Mark Ashkenazi

The Old Ship Tattoo by contemporary photo artist Mark Ashkenazi

Found the chords, the riffs are born,

got a front, an axe, a bass, some beats.

The song is written, the group is formed,

what name should the vessel take to the streets?

A mother?  A lover? Seek out a legend?

Symbolic?  Insane? Cast off the vote.

No taking the sis!  Impress my girl-friend;

anchor success with a name like a boat.

Think of a book; of a pub, of a film script;

see the soft shade of paint on the wall.

Examine war dogs; order fast food,

waltz a psycho prossie, the first port of call

All aboard the Kill Hannah, Jane’s Addiction, The Donnas,

kebabs and Pearl Jam stowed safe with Blondie.

Its All About Eve or lack of sobriety;

the dry barrel headache of old Flogging Molly.

Salvage a slipper, Crystal Fighters design,

for Twisted Sister to try on Dead Sara.

Hail The Virginmarys for booty so fine!

No Joy Division.  It fits Cinderella.

Embarking Thin Lizzy, Roxette and Good Charlotte,

Frantic Alice will be Taking Hayley.

The fleet must be blessed for unquiet waters;

check the life rafts for Saving Aimee.

Figurehead fair, Rose Tattoo guides

through wash in the wake of fearsome Molly Hatchet;

her wide berth repugnant in tempting Madder Rose –

lust’s grisly ride lines your bed in a casket.

So with temptress or saviour or old recipe,

harness longevity; keep Alice in Chains!

The historic tradition has a drink in it too;

smash a bottle! I name this band girls’ names.

May God bless her and all who sail in her.

Copyright Anna Ghislena

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