Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights


Sometimes I feel that Kate Bush sits inside her own music genre – there is and never has been, anyone quite like her.

I vividly remember helping (or hindering as a young child does) my mum in the kitchen one day; the radio was on and Wuthering Heights was played.  I was transfixed from start to finish.  It was divine; celestial.

Kate Bush became my vocal role model thereon.  (Yes, when imitating Kate Bush from an early age one does have to be careful not to concern the neighbours; mine thought she heard the cat crying).

I have loved her alternative approach to popular music ever since.  Frankly she rocks – like an angel.

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights Official YouTube

2 responses to “Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

  • Jim

    Well Anna, little does Kate know, she and I have been married for over 30 years. Despite that I had to get a bunch of tickets to see her later this year. Which I did. Well, you gotta make the effort for ‘er indoors!

    Jim’s Van

    • annaghislena

      well I never! It’s a small world. Give Kate my love and ask her pretty please if she could release a few more tix as I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.
      Cheers for following the blog though Jim – that certainly makes up for it!

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