The Peacemaker

Ok, so it’s not a tale from the mosh pit, but then, frankly, school holidays are Moshing Impossible!  Just a piece of short fiction inspired by the dreaded “sleepover”!



Dawn.  Cautious whispers plan strategies.  Positions for attack are assumed.

Swiftly exposed from warm bunker safety, the unsuspecting target is struck.  Amid nervous hysteria, sugary rations are manually sought and triumphantly withdrawn from their secreted location.  Expectant heavy breathing fills a delay.

Detecting violation, clumsy counter attack is furiously delivered.  Chaos, dappled by new morning sunlight, triggers ugly war, with allies two against one; one who possessed what two others wanted yesterday.

Screams and thuds alert my tired ears.  I shuffle softly to the front line; my intrusion ignored.  Yawning, I click and select the television channel.

Peace falls.


Copyright: Anna Ghislena 2013

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