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Joel O’Keeffe & Airbourne Fans

Take two bottles into the shower?  Nah mate, just take the fans!


I took this photo at the Concorde, Brighton, UK, 2014 and can’t help thinking he looks like he’s just getting out of the shower!

Long Live The Fans!

Anna x


Real Fans #3

Thanks for checking out my previous photos of fans.  Sometimes capturing the spirit of the fans either in words on in pictures is just as interesting as gleaning the passion and dedication of the artists themselves.

I’ve got a few more photos to share at a later date, and I dare say, I won’t be able to resist taking a quick snap of some others in the near future!

fan on shouldersHave a great weekend everyone!

Long Live The Fans!

Anna x


Real Fans #2

dressed up fans sonisphere

Fashion at its height, Sonisphere 2014 – Photo Anna Ghislena

Real Fans #1

sonisphere kilts

Sonisphere 2014 – photo Anna Ghislena

Shall I compare thee to…?


Music fans, readers of poetry, viewers of art – do you compare?

Making comparisons in every day life seems natural.  People compare themselves to others all the time: judging their own performance at work or socially; judging their own views against someone else’s; judging their own appearance in comparison with someone else’s; judging their child’s progress at school against that of the neighbour,  the list of comparable situations is endless.

Read about new or up and coming bands and you’ll find they are always compared to other artists in their genre.  Is this fair?

Copy and articles in the media compare bands and music artists to each other.  Captions in magazines introduce groups with the words “For fans of…”, or “Sounds like…”, and liken them to other artists.  This gives the listener an idea, but the suggestion will always be embodied in the listener’s mind.  Why should a band’s sound be twinned to someone else’s in order to be recognised?

There can be no denial that similarities can be identified.  Take Australian rock band Airbourne, notoriously likened to AC/DC .  Lots of the components are there including two brothers, copycat riffs and a lead singer who appears to model himself on a mix of Angus Young’s lead guitarist antics and Bon Scott’s loveable cheek, wit and raspy vocals.  But take away those saleable characteristics, put on to entertain the crowd, and it’s the music that is different.  They do have their own exciting sound, despite it being peppered with something familiar.  Examples of other bands in multiple genres could be dragged up for pages and pages to come, but every one of them is different on some level, it’s just discovering how the sound affects the ear on a personal  level and subsequently how it moves the listener.  Surely that’s what it takes to be a true fan?   I like Airbourne.  I like AC/DC.  I don’t like Airbourne because they have been likened to AC/DC.

Can poets be compared to each other?  Look at the current poetry and spoken word scene, huge and ever growing in popularity.  Many London poets have been witnessed ranting along in monotone modern London  dialect, a little bit street, a little bit middle class, sharing messages about political concern, personal opinion, dilemmas, glitches in our social systems and either make light of them or or target the audience with soapbox fury.  The familiar strain seems to be, who can shout the loudest?  Then again, all their words are valid and their work is listened to and applauded, because they cannot be compared.  Each one has something different to offer and listening hard, or reading close, will open minds and stimulate.  The beauty in each one can be identified as something unique.

Can authors be compared to each other?  Can painters or designers be compared?  Probably, but please try to ignore the comparisons dictated by someone else, it’s lazy.  In writing about bands for the last three or four years, I have been guilty of making a comparison or two myself.  I will do my best not to in future.

There will always be something in a style that stands apart in each group or individual.  That style will catch the eye if we want it to, regardless of any similarities marked alongside anyone else.

Long Live The Fans!

Anna xx

Sons of Icarus – Barfly, Camden

So while the kids are on a sleepover at a friends, I’m off for a little loud music therapy.

Freezing cold, wet Camden on a Saturday night – love it!

Warm, boozy Barfly – love it!

Upstairs, cramped space, low ceiling, PA buzzing – love it!

Earplugs in, Pepsi in hand (I’m such a rebel!), band are on! – Love it!

sons of icarus 2

Sons of Icarus, hard working young guys with a set full of chunky riffs, play to a happy crowd and show off their long awaited debut album.  This album, Beyond the Sun, has been in the pipeline for years.  Sons of Icarus first came onto my radar when they became the first ever competition winners of the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest back in 2010.  I then interviewed them after an intimate gig at the CroBar for Stereoboard in 2013 when they told me their album release was imminent!

Over two years on and they have just released it!  Obstacles get in the way all the time for these bands, but determination and hard work plus the will to achieve drives them along.  And you know what?  They are good!  The place isn’t exactly heaving.  These guys need a little recognition.  The album sounds great.  I’ve played it loud in the car already (yes, the kids needed stimulating after their “all nighter” at the friend’s house) and I shall be reviewing it soon, track for track.





Rocking gifts for Rock n Roll lovers

Calling rock and roll mamas and dadas!

Ok, so love it or hate it, Valentines Day is nearly upon us.  Has anyone already bought pressies for their favorite person?

I’ve probably left it a little late to share this recommendation with you all in time for Valentines Day, but you know what?  better late than never, as they say.  If you want to tell someone you love them and want to treat them to a little something unexpected, don’t wait for Valentines Day.  Any other day is good too.  Yes, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and thank yous are all good, but seriously, any other day is good too – just to show you care and you are thinking of them.

I’ve surprised friends and family with these cool rock and roll gifts from Megachef.co.uk (and snuck a cheeky item in the basket for yours truly too).

My friend, who is a big fan of MUSE got this apron for her birthday last year:


I bought my Metallica fan brother this Enter Sandwich Man apron:


Two of my gig/festival buddies received these Rockin Veggie Peelers:

rockin peeler

And last but not least I bought myself the fabulous recipe book, Mosh Potatoes by Steve Seabury:


There are loads of quirky and quality items on the site from guitar chopping boards to tea towels, a huge selection of aprons sporting the pun on rock band titles and their logos, and accessories such as fridge magnets, guitar shaped spatulas, mugs and coasters.

Perhaps your teenager has just gone off to college or Uni or perhaps they are hoping to go next September?  They’d probably love something from here to impress their new flatmates.  Perhaps your man/lady is a kitchen god/goddess and would hit the radio up to a joyful 11 getting something like this?  Perhaps your mum/dad just needs a little pick me up, a smile, a hug and an apron that says Never Mind The Scallops?

I wish I had told you all about this sooner, but perhaps you could just let your Valentine know that the pressie is in the post, better late than never….and see what they say.

Keep spreading the rock and roll love!

Long Live The Fans!!

Anna xx



Advent 3 – The Struts

A new favorite of mine this year.  Great live entertainment.  I wrote a review for Stereoboard earlier this Autumn of their gig at Dingwalls, Camden.

Enjoy this little ditty

Skam – Holy City

I haven’t ranted about any new bands on my radar for a while, but after seeing Leicester band SKAM live a few days ago, well, I had to.  Yes, I siddled up to them for a little chat (such nice lads), bought the CD, got the T-Shirt and oggled at them on YouTube.

They have released two albums to date and have just finished a blinding UK tour.  According to the Leicester Mercury, they also turned up in the back gardens and living rooms of some lucky fans for some random gigs during the summer, concreting their mission and desire to play live, pretty much anywhere they can.

What do they play?  “It’s balls to the wall rock n’ roll, with singing not screaming.”

Enjoy your week people.

Long live the fans!

Highway Star – Buckcherry

Buckcherry covered Deep Purple’s classic song “Highway Star” and placed it on their 2008/9 Black Butterfly album.

It oozes Buckcherry’s sleazy American rock style from the start, and, dare I say it, I prefer it to the original.  It’s an adrenalin rush of a song which is why it stuck in my head when my book’s main character had a craving for speed.

It’s no wonder that NASCAR chose it to theme one of their promo music videos.  Enjoy.